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Private knowledge base for teams

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Private knowledge base with SSO and premium features

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per teammate / month
Long-form knowledge with Articles
Additional integrations — ChatOps, Jira, GitHub & Okta
Group content together into Collections
Single sign-on (SSO) with SAML
Reporting and analytics
Priority customer support
99.5% uptime


Standalone knowledge base with enhanced security and flexible hosting

Custom pricing
Let’s talk about what you need
Premium features of Business plus...
ChatOps, Jira, GitHub & Okta integrations
Unlimited Teams within your instance
Single sign-on with AD or SAML
Flexible hosting options — cloud or on-premises
Robust read and write API
Your own customer success and community building representative
99.5% uptime SLA and priority support

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How do I submit a data request?
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How do I access the VPN?
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Stack Overflow for Teams has been a resource for our entire company. Not only for developers to solve problems, it’s also enabled our sales field to answer technical questions that help them close deals.
Ryan J Salva
Director of Product Management, Microsoft
It saves us time on a day to day basis and also a huge amount when onboarding a new developer.
Morgan Jones
Director of Engineering, Flex
Instead of trying to figure out how to reach people and bother them while they are working, I’m able to go to Stack Overflow for Teams and get the answers to my questions.
Mosh Feu
Front End Developer, Wix
Engineers should help solve the hardest questions, the unknowns, where being familiar with how the product was built is essential. But we don’t want to keep answering solved problems over and over again. That’s where Stack Overflow for Teams really helps.
Suyog Rao
Director of Engineering, Elastic Cloud
As we started to use [Stack Overflow for Teams] and saw how nice it was to have a repository of information, we started to see it spread to other teams. Our customer support team started using it, our people success team started using it, next thing we knew, we had [Slack] integrations all over the place.
David Drake
Engineering, Expensify
We’re building a valuable, well-curated knowledge base.
Jeremy Williams
Engineering, Factset

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